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Who's Mailing What! makes it easy to study effective sales letters, postcards, fundraising packages, self-mailers and more. Explore the creative and offers that have worked for hundreds of top companies today.

Put this massive archive to work for you! On your computer, tablet or smartphone, you have at your fingertips 30 years of direct marketing intelligence.

  • Direct mail:
    Tap into the world's most complete library of direct mail samples
  • Sales Letters, Postcards, Flyers and more:
    Over 70,000 real examples, with weekly updates

Gain Competitive Marketing Intelligence

Want to study the marketing approaches of your company's top competitors? Need some new ideas for your next marketing campaign?

Eureka! You've found the source. In one easy-to-use platform, you can do all of the following:

Nothing like this exists anywhere in the world from any source at any price!

  • Search across one of the 8 major industries, or drill down to over 200 sub-categories
  • Study the creative approach across channels
  • Examine the offers and special deals to better craft your own efforts

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

See the actual direct mail and email campaigns, and then save the PDF examples right into your library for creative inspiration.

  • See what headlines, mail formats and offers outperform
  • Examine eye-catching, response-getting design for envelopes, inserts and brochures
  • Check out effective envelope teaser copy and headlines

Follow Your Favorite Companies

Are there specific companies you want to investigate? Perhaps they're your company's competitors or leading-edge
marketers whose great creative you want to keep on your radar.

  • Study the creative approach across physical mail formats and get new testing ideas
  • Examine the offers and special deals to better craft your own efforts
  • Learn more about each company, including key contact information

Get More Granular

Refine your searches with multiple filters. Finally, here's an easy-to-use solution that allows you to search for the specific details you're really looking for and that best serve your needs.

Actually See What's Working

Not sure which marketing efforts are worth studying?

Who's Mailing What! takes the guesswork out of your research by tagging those efforts that have been received before — the controls! These are the campaigns that are working and are worth their weight in gold.

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